Two of the best known names in Italian wines now for sale in Lidl

Wines for the Weekend: A light, low-alcohol Soave and a smooth, fruity Chianti from Tuscany

Two of the best known names in Italian wine this week, both available from Lidl. Soave, once the go-to white wine for a generation of wine lovers, has been enjoying something of a renaissance recently. It is a great option for those looking for light, low alcohol wines to sip before dinner, or drink alongside summer salads.

The region of Tuscany in central Italy is home to Chianti, a staple in most Italian restaurants, and available in every wine shop and supermarket, it varies in style from light and fruity to full-bodied and tannic. It is one of the great food wines of Italy, perfect with bistecca alla fiorentina, steak grilled on the embers of a barbecue, but any grilled or roast red meat will do nicely.

Soave 2021 Giulio Passitti (vegan)

11.5% abv, €7.19 from Lidl

Light, with rounded melon and pear fruit. One to enjoy before dinner with mixed antipasti, summery salads or lighter seafood dishes.

Chianti Riserva 2019 Corte alle Mura

13% abv, €9.99 from Lidl

Easy blackberry fruits, with good acidity and a rounded smooth finish. Enjoy with pizza, richer pasta dishes, or a steak.