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Not into turkey at Christmas? Cook one of these fabulous fish dishes instead

Anything but turkey (part three): Fish, and shellfish in particular, are luxurious enough to make a big impact on your celebratory table

Pescatarians, especially those who enjoy shellfish, can compose a wonderful celebratory feast for Christmas. Smoked salmon, scallops, crab, and if you are pushing the boat out then lobster too, are all sufficiently luxurious to make an impact as a starter, or a main course seafood platter on December 25th.

Salmon en croute, made with organic Irish salmon, is a popular choice. Google will take you to recipes for this classic dish by kitchen luminaries including Jamie Oliver, Mary Berry, Delia Smith and Gordon Ramsay.

Oliver has an interesting version in which the salmon sits on lemony, garlicky spinach on top of the pastry. A mixture of red pesto and eggs is poured over the top once the base has had a chance to cook a bit and avoid a soggy bottom. Mary Berry also does a version with red pesto and eggs, so that combination must be a thing. Delia Smith has a more traditional version, using a quick flaky pastry.

Salmon is a Christmas favourite, so here are a few more recipes from the Irish Times archive using this versatile fish, along with very simple turbot, seabass and lobster recipes that will make your Christmas dinner go swimmingly, without a turkey on the table.


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