Three years on, how is working from home working for you?

The Irish Times is interested in readers’ current experience of home, office and hybrid working. Responses welcome from workers, managers and others

It’s three years since many office workers plonked a laptop on their kitchen table and held their first video-call with colleagues in the midst of the pandemic.

With Covid behind us, remote working, or hybrid working, has remained widespread across many industries.

The Irish Times is interested to hear readers’ current experiences of home, office and hybrid working.

Many of us have come to enjoy the perks of home work. Whether it be lunchtime strolls by the sea, avoiding the evening rush to make the creche or the peace to concentrate on work in your own space. But there are concerns among some remote workers that their careers will be negatively impacted long-term by the practice.


Do you prefer working in the office but find the atmosphere has changed, with open plan offices emptier and more echoey and hybrid meetings dampening deep discussions? Would you like to see most workers return to the office? How is the issue of staff management working amid hybrid working? Does your company use electronic surveillance?

What are your takeaways from the post-Covid work environment? Tell us what has changed for better and worse, and how it has impacted your life.

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