Israel-Hamas war: US security adviser briefs Netanyahu on meeting with Saudi crown prince

Jake Sullivan reaffirms need for Israel to ‘connect its military operations to a political strategy’, US says

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan briefed Binyamin Netanyahu on constructive meetings Mr Sullivan held with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman along with discussing the war in Gaza, according to a US statement.

Mr Sullivan spoke with the Israeli prime minister and his team about his meetings in Saudi Arabia and “the potential that may now be available for Israel, as well as the Palestinian people.”

The two also discussed the war in Gaza and the need to minimise civilian casualties.

“Mr Sullivan reaffirmed the need for Israel to connect its military operations to a political strategy that can ensure the lasting defeat of Hamas, the release of all the hostages, and a better future for Gaza,” the statement added.


The briefing with Mr Netanyahu comes after a member of Israel’s three-man war cabinet threatened to resign from the government if it does not adopt a new plan for the war in Gaza.

The move would leave Mr Netanyahu more reliant on his far-right allies.

Benny Gantz’s announcement on Saturday escalates a divide within Israel’s leadership more than seven months into a war in which it has yet to accomplish its stated goals of dismantling Hamas and returning scores of hostages abducted in the October 7th attack.

Mr Gantz, a popular centrist member of Israel’s three-member war cabinet, set out a six-point plan that includes the return of hostages, ending Hamas’s rule, demilitarising the Gaza Strip and establishing an international administration of civilian affairs.

It also supports efforts to normalise relations with Saudi Arabia and widen military service to all Israelis. He gave a deadline of June 8th.

“If you choose the path of fanatics and lead the entire nation to the abyss – we will be forced to quit the government,” he said.

Mr Netanyahu, in a statement reported by Israeli media, responded by saying Mr Gantz had chosen to issue an ultimatum to the prime minister instead of to Hamas, and called his conditions “euphemisms” for Israel’s defeat. – Agencies