Republican elites want to move on from MAGA, but will Trump’s base let them?

2024 could be a repeat of 2020, despite misgivings in both parties

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“He is still fervently supported by a segment of the republican voter who is predominantly male, largely white and non-college educated.”

The return of Donald Trump, as a potential presidential candidate, heralds the next big battle in American politics.

While he has fallen out of favour with conservative Republicans in political circles, the 76 year-old is still supported by considerable numbers in his MAGA activist base.

Though the starting gun has not been fired on the race for the Republican nomination, Trump’s closest rival appears to be Florida governor, Ron DeSantis. Trump has threatened to reveal damaging information on the 44 year-old, should he decide to challenge.


Washington Correspondent, Martin Wall, speaks to In The News about the men’s bitter rivalry, the Republicans’ internal party struggle between traditional and far-right members and who the Democrats might field if Joe Biden decides he won’t contest the 2024 election.