Last minute gifts: The fitness fan edition

From headphones to recovery gear, there are still some options for Christmas gifts

Have a fitness fan in your life and need a few last minute gifts? Here are a few ideas, and more importantly, where you can buy them in time for the big day.

Bodylite Gear

LED light with high vis stripe

We are still in the dark days of winter when stepping outside after 4pm means you’ll be coming home in the dark. That, along with the Irish weather, makes outdoor exercise a little less appealing to a lot of people. But with the right gear, you might feel a bit more confident.

Enter Irish company Bodylite. The Carlow-based firm has a range of high-visibility sports gear that make sure you are seen on the roads. The latest addition to the range is NightVision, advanced LED safety gear that is designed to not only make you visible but also light your way.

You start with the NightVision light (€40), a rechargeable light that gives you three light settings — high, low, and blinker light — and can last for up to 14 hours. It comes with a velcro belt, but it can be easily attached to clothing, bags, helmets and other items. You can also buy a range of accessories from Bodylite, such as a gilet, vest and bike or scooter mount, to which you can attach the light, making it a very versatile device.


You can order online and collect from the company’s Carlow store this week.

Where to buy: BodyLite

Tangram Rookie

A woman holds a skipping rope

A smart skipping rope may seem like a solution that has no problem, but some people like to know all their fitness data. The Tangram Rookie (€45) is a stripped-down version of its more expensive sibling. Although it foregoes the flashy lights and the floating display effect of the regular Tangram, it still allows you to track your activity on an accompanying smartphone app, giving you feedback on how hard you are working via calorie burn and duration of workout.

It is powered by some coin cell batteries, the kind you can pick up in Lidl in bulk, and connects to your phone over Bluetooth.

Where to buy: Arnotts

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple’s Series 9 smartwatch has some clever features. Not only can it do everything that you would expect, from heart rate monitoring to blood oxygen measurement, but it also has an updated chip, and some new gesture controls that allow you to answer calls and scroll through apps by tapping your thumb and forefinger together.

The Series 9 is available in 41mm (from €449) and 45mm cases (and in a range of materials to suit individual styles and budgets).

You might have heard the news that Apple is to stop selling its latest watches due to a patent issue — that applies only in the US and you can still buy the smartwatch in Irish stores

Where to buy: Harvey Norman, stock varies depending on location.

AfterShokz OpenRun Pro

AfterShockz OpenRun Pro

Noise-cancelling headphones are great for commuting, but when it comes to exercise, you don’t always want to block out the outside world. This is where headphones that use bone conduction can help.

The AfterShokz OpenRun Pro is built on nine generations of bone conduction technology, using vibrations to transmit sound directly to your inner ear. That means nothing blocking your ear canal, which makes it more comfortable to wear the headphones for long periods.

The OpenRun Pro have a 10-hour battery life, works with Bluetooth 5.1 and enhanced bass to improve sound quality. They are also IP55 rated, making them sweatproof and immune to splashing water,

Where to buy: DID Electrical

Theragun Wave Roller
Theragun Wave Roller

Not even the humble foam roller is immune from a tech touch-up. The Theragun Wave Roller may look like a standard foam roller, but it hides a high-tech twist. It uses vibration therapy to help you recover from aches and pains and increase your mobility, connecting to an app on your smartphone so you can create and follow personalised routines.

The Wave Roller has built-in Bluetooth so it can connect to your smartphone, with five different vibration levels and three-hour battery life.

Where to buy:

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist