Northern Ireland has weathered Jeffery Donaldson’s shock departure - for now

The panel discuss unionism's latest crisis, the role of "neithers" and the price of reunification

Listen | 68:34

Alex Kane, Lisa Whitten, Freya McClements and Pat Leahy joined Hugh Linehan in Northern Ireland for a live show at the MAC in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

The panel discussed the shocking departure of Jeffrey Donaldson from the pinnacle of NI politics, how the political system has responded since, and what it all means for the future of unionism and the power-sharing institutions.

They also discuss the importance of the “neither” voters, the price of reunification and the economic benefits of Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit position.

Lisa Whitten is a research fellow at Queen’s University Belfast. Her new book, Northern Ireland and the UK Constitution, is available now.


Alex Kane is a political writer, columnist and commentator based in Belfast and a former Director of Communications for the Ulster Unionist Party.