Plus, Sinn Féin flip-flopping on climate change

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Pat Leahy and Jennifer Bray join Hugh Linehan to look back on the week in politics:

One week out from the care and family referendums taking place on March 8th and campaigning on both sides is finally in full swing, the panel debates whether the Government will be hurt by a failure to get both proposed constitutional amendments over the line considering how muddled their Yes message has been thus far.

Also on the podcast: Sinn Féin’s unclear position on climate change was evident again this week after their sole MEP Chris McManus voted against the Nature Restoration Law, a landmark piece of EU environmental legislation, while Sinn Féin senator Lynn Boylan wholeheartedly welcomed it.

And with her three-hour Oireachtas Committee grilling over the resignation of former chair of the RTÉ board, Siún Ní Raghallaigh, now behind her the panel discuss whether Minister for Media Catherine Martin, and indeed the wider public, can now move on from the RTÉ saga.


Plus, the panel pick their Irish Times pieces of the week:

Cathy Sheridan on the shifting data of snapshot polls.

Finn McRedmond writes in her column of the soaring popularity of Guinness in London pubs.

Derek Scally highlights Germany’s investment in being ‘war-ready’ after generations of pacifism.

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