Who is behind the Mexican cartel linked to Ireland’s latest drugs bust?

Are Irish agents working for Mexico’s deadliest cartel?

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Last week, a drugs haul valued at nearly €33 million, and owned by a Mexican cartel, was seized by gardaí in Cork Port.

In the days that followed, dozens of gardaí, aided by the Defences Forces, carried out an extensive search in counties Cork, Kerry and Waterford.

Gardaí believe the suspected crystal meth found in the container in Cork Port is owned by the infamous Sinaloa cartel, which is based in Mexico. They’re also currently investigating whether two Irish men, based in Kerry and Cork, have been acting as agents for the cartel.

So, how long has there been a link between Ireland and the Mexican cartel and how important is this island to the Sinaloa operation?


Irish Times security and crime correspondent Conor Lally and Mexico-based reporter Karol Suarez, who has investigated the activities of cartels in Mexico, join today’s podcast to discuss the implications of last week’s drugs seizure in Cork.

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Sorcha Pollak

Sorcha Pollak

Sorcha Pollak is an Irish Times reporter and cohost of the In the News podcast