National Youth Council Survey

The problems facing our young people

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – Your excellent summary of the sobering results of the Youth Council Survey (Editorial, April 20th) is somewhat marred by your weak critique of the viewpoint that the dissatisfaction of young people could be due to their “snowflake” tendencies.

The causes of young people’s dissatisfaction are made very clear by the survey. The reasons could not be more tangible: the inability to develop a relationship, have children and live independently in a secure home.

Anyone who regards these as “unrealistic expectations” may want to consider how they would feel if their partner, children and home were forcibly removed from them through no fault of their own. – Yours, etc,




Co Kildare.

Sir, – Not a week goes by without housing and the lack of affordable rental accommodation hitting the headlines.

Last week a survey by the National Youth Council showed housing among the biggest issues facing young people. Some Government initiatives are helping, such as the Rent a Room scheme which allows people to rent out a room in their house and avail of up to €14,000 tax free.

This scheme was also extended to local authority tenants. However, this rent a room tax incentive is not available to people who rent out a complete house for the same ¤14,000 a year or less. They are expected to pay up to 50 per cent in tax.

Rents would be drastically reduced if a tax exemption on rental properties under a certain figure was introduced (maybe €1,200 a month).Why aren’t Opposition parties, who are so vocal on housing, not calling for this simple solution to bring down rents?

There is also something very wrong with the system, when in a housing crisis, we have 3,600 vacant habitable properties whose owners are willing to pay the “vacant home tax”, rather than rent them out to homeless families. – Yours, etc,


Co Meath.