Safety on the roads

Enforcing the rules

Sir, – Further to recent correspondence (“Motorbikes and road worthiness”, Letters, February 29th), a large number of motorcycle accidents are due to Smidsy (Sorry, mate, I didn’t see you).

One day in city driving, I had two such cases in the space of five minutes. Luckily my advanced training saved me. I was even rear-ended at traffic lights one fine bright day.

I have just looked at four reports on motorcycle accidents. The major cause is motorists not seeing the bike. Less than 20 per cent of accidents are caused by the motorcyclist. Mechanical issues are not mentioned at all. – Yours, etc,




Sir, – While driving along the M50, I watched multiple cars speed dangerously along the hard shoulder. Every time I leave the house, I see drivers of all ages using their mobile phones while driving. Basic skills such as indicating, safely overtaking cyclists and staying within the speed limit appear to have been forgotten. While living in Perth, Australia for 18 months, I was drug-tested twice and breathalysed three times. In my 10 years driving across much of Ireland, I have never been stopped for either. I worry that dangerous and illegal driving is becoming normalised in our society.

The Road Safety Authority’s aim to bring the number of road deaths to zero by 2050 is admirable but without a change to our current laissez-faire approach to the enforcement of the rules of the road, the tragic increase in road deaths we have seen over the past number of months will continue. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.