Couple reunited with wedding ring 37 years after losing it

Spanish diver finds gold band in sea near Benidorm after it was lost in 1979

A Spanish couple has been reunited with a wedding ring they lost 37 years ago while swimming near Benidorm.

Agustin Aliaga and his wife Juani Sanchez lost the ring in 1979 and had believed it to be gone forever, the BBC reported.

But a diver, Jessica Nisos, found the ring in August and posted a photograph of it on Facebook in an effort to find its owner.

She wrote: “I found a wedding ring diving off the island of Benidorm. I wish I could give it back to the owner. It has been lost for a long, long time because it was covered in sediment.


“It is from a couple who got married on 17-02-1979. Could you share this please? It’s important to me to return it. Many thanks to all. Please share this.”

Mr Aliaga's niece spotted the post and put her aunt and uncle in contact with Ms Nisos, who had received about 300 responses.

Mr Aliaga said: “So that she could see it was totally true, we send a photocopy of our family register and a picture of the wedding ring.”

He added that getting the ring back was a “pleasant surprise”.