TU Dublin students propose big increase to Grangegorman plans

TU Dublin students show how accommodation could be maximised; The harrowing story of the Stardust disaster; Marwan Barghouti; Gaeilge i bhFionnghlas; Fontaines DC; TCD business dean warns of AI dangers and more...

Hello and welcome to this week’s Student Hub email. In this week’s edition TU Dublin architecture students show how accommodation plans could be maximised; Kitty Holland tells the harrowing story of the Stardust disaster, Lara Marlowe on the hope that the imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti could bring peace to Palestine; South East Technological University’s gender expression and identity policy; DCU research finds young males fed ‘toxic’ antifeminist and other extremist content within 23 minutes of opening social media accounts; Fontaines DC’s thrillingly sinister new single is a dystopian belter.

TU Dublin architecture students propose big increase to Grangegorman accommodation plans: Up to 6,000 TU Dublin students could be housed on-campus at Grangegorman, Dublin 7, under accommodation masterplans designed by the university’s fourth-year architecture students.

‘Jesus Christ, the doors are locked’: The full story of the Stardust fire, with new testimony: Across north Dublin, mounting excitement about the Valentine’s disco and dance competition at the Stardust on Friday, February 13th, had young people in a whirl of giddy anticipation.

This man is the best hope for peace in the Middle East. First Israel has to release him from prison: The image of Marwan Barghouti smiling as he raises manacled hands overhead, making the V for Victory sign in a Tel Aviv courtroom, is one of the most enduring Palestinian icons, emblazoned on banners and posters, stencilled on walls throughout occupied Palestine.


Roghnaíomar sráid go fánach i bhFionnghlas: “Ní raibh ann ach gnáth shráid i mBaile Átha Cliath. Bheartaíomar dul ó dhoras go doras. Chnagamar ar na doirse agus d’fhiafraigh muid an raibh Gaeilge ag na daoine a d’fhreagair.

University changes gender identity policy that said refusal to use pronouns was ‘unlawful’: South East Technological University (SETU) has dropped references in its updated gender identity policy which previously stated that refusal on the part of staff or students to use students’ or staff members’ preferred pronouns would amount to “unlawful discrimination or harassment”.

Starburster: Fontaines DC’s thrillingly sinister new single is a dystopian belter: Alarm bells chimed when it was announced, in October 2022, that Fontaines DC were going on tour with Arctic Monkeys.

Trinity College Dublin bucks trends with surplus but warns of rising costs across third level: Trinity College Dublin has bucked a trend of deficits across many higher education institutions by recording a surplus of almost €4 million last year.

Teenage boys ‘bombarded’ with misogynist content within minutes of signing up to TikTok and YouTube Shorts: DCU research finds young males fed ‘toxic’ antifeminist and other extremist content within 23 minutes of opening an account.

Wake-up call on Newstalk Breakfast as inflammatory language on immigration goes mainstream: Given that they rise at an unsociably early hour to present Newstalk Breakfast (weekdays), it’s understandable that Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly can get exercised at the prospect of sleepless nights.

‘AI brings a huge threat to people’s ability to learn and to upskill,’ warns Trinity Business School’s dean: Down on the capacious ground floor of Trinity Business School, one wall bears its newish mission statement in glossy blue lettering: transforming business for good. So, I ask the school’s dean of a year, Prof Laurent Muzellec, is business bad?