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Wednesday’s Top Stories: Sex education to be taught earlier; family of Ann Delaney criticises campaigners seeking to ‘hijack’ death

Here are the stories you need to start your day including a query from a reader who ‘dreads having to be intimate’ with her husband

Sex education to be taught at earlier age under new primary school curriculum

Relationships and sex education will be taught at an earlier stage under a draft new primary school curriculum in recognition that many children start school at an older age and in some cases experience puberty earlier.

The changes are contained in draft specifications for key subject areas which will feature in the new curriculum. This change is regarded as the biggest shake-up to primary education in 25 years.

The wellbeing section of the new curriculum aims to provide children with a “balanced, inclusive, age and developmentally-appropriate understanding of human development and sexuality”.

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  • ‘I am no longer physically attracted to my husband’: “My husband and I have been together for around 12 years, have beautiful kids, both work outside the home and have a happy life together. The problem is that I am no longer physically attracted to my husband and dread having to be intimate with him,” a reader says.

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