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Tuesday’s Top Stories: Majority of workers with caring responsibilities report impact on mental health; Walking and cycling ‘take 680,000 cars off road daily’

The stories you need to start your day including Brianna Parkins on Kate Middleton’s ‘disappearance’; and the WhatsApp debate on this Friday’s referendums

More than 60% of workers with caring responsibilities report impact on mental health

Large numbers of people juggling work and caring responsibilities are suffering from mental health issues and financial pressures, new research published by the employers’ group Ibec shows.

The organisation found that of 1,200 people aged 25-65 almost half said they were a primary carer, with a quarter of those saying the care they provided was to an adult.

Of those who indicated they were carers, 63 per cent were also holding down a job with the majority (73 per cent) admitting they found it challenging to balance the two. A similarly large proportion (67 per cent) said work could be an escape from their caring responsibilities.

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  • How do I spot if my child has ... a hip issue?: Every newborn baby is checked for a potentially debilitating issue in the hips, known as developmental dysplasia, before they leave the maternity hospital and again at their six-week check-up. However, a group of Irish doctors have highlighted the low diagnostic accuracy of this routine clinical examination and raised the question of the need for universal ultrasound screening. Only babies with known risk factors are routinely screened with ultrasound in Ireland, whereas in some other European countries, such as Germany and Austria, all babies are.

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