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Tuesday’s Top Stories: Hundreds join vigil for nurse who died sleeping rough; roadside checks for e-bikes and e-scooters to be introduced

Here are the stories you need to start your day, including; two companies run by landlord Marc Godart lodged all their income via ATMs in Dublin

Home alarm companies targeted in dawn raids by competition watchdog and gardaí

The competition watchdog and teams of gardaí carried out “dawn raids” on the premises of businesses active in the home alarm industry on Monday as part of an ongoing criminal investigation into potential breaches of competition law.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) confirmed that the raids took place on Monday and said they involved its authorised officers as well as officers attached to the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau and uniformed gardaí.

In a statement the CCPC said it was unable to provide any further detail about the raids or the identity of the home alarm companies that had been targeted, saying the investigation is ongoing.

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