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Monday’s Top Stories: Gold for Wiffen; faulty goods cost Irish consumers €1bn a year

Here are the most important stories you need to start your day including, 24-year-old from Co Donegal says she ‘can no longer afford to live in the Republic’

Legal body criticises ‘sexist’ amendment on carers

A legal analysis carried out by the Free Legal Advice Centres (Flac) concerning next month’s referendum proposals has led to it supporting the proposed “family” amendment to the Constitution but not the “ineffective” and “implicitly sexist” amendment on carers.

The care amendment is unlikely to provide carers, people with disabilities or older people with new enforceable rights or improved services from the State, Flac said.

The proposal gives constitutional expression to “harmful stereotypes” in care provision and “potentially compromises” the rights of people with disabilities.

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