Feed a family of six for less than €10 with Keith Coleman’s butter chicken

Frugal Feasts: Re-creating your favourite takeaway is a great option when watching your budget

During the 2020 lockdowns, in an attempt to avoid talking about you know what, myself and my partner Aisling McHugh would discuss our favourite takeaway meals. The king among them is, of course, butter chicken. One evening, Aisling requested a full recreation of an Indian takeout: fresh naan were cooked on hot skillets, steamed fragrant basmati rice, a verdant saag paneer, and this decadent butter chicken were all rustled up.

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The recipe has since become a firm favourite, making an appearance on those occasions when I sense the collective energy craving its rich and creamy deliciousness. Recreating your favourite takeaway at home is a great option when you’re watching your budget and when it’s made from scratch, it’s easier to save leftovers.

I always cook a big portion to get two dinners out of it. If you’re going through the hassle of simmering the sauce for an hour it’s more cost effective to make a nice big batch. Using chicken thighs or a whole chicken broken down is most economical, but you can use chicken breasts if you prefer. I find you can make big savings on spices if you buy them from your local Indian/Asian supermarket.

Recipe: Keith Coleman’s butter chicken


Keith Coleman is a private chef and caretaker at Bellamont House, Co Cavan. You can follow his cooking on Instagram