Feed five people for less than €10 with Nathan Anthony’s slow-cooker lamb and potato curry

Frugal Feasts: An easy throw-it-all-in recipe that is budget friendly and packed with flavour

This recipe is one of my absolute favourite throw-it-all-in curries and I know you’re all going to love it. It’s really budget friendly too. You can feed a family of five with this and it shouldn’t cost more than €10 all in. There are plenty of benefits to cooking with a slow cooker. It’s energy saving, and great for planning your day around, but I also love that you don’t have to peel or boil the potatoes. You can just chop them up, leaving the skin on and they will cook in the stock. In fact, you don’t even have to boil the kettle for your stock.

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This absolutely stunning curry really packs flavour but don’t skip the addition of the mint at the end, it really complements the lamb. If lamb is not your thing, you can swap the lamb for chicken thighs or even beef if you want a really rich, flavoursome curry.

Whatever you use, it will be a hearty, filling meal and will stretch far portion-wise. I sometimes bulk it out by serving it with rice also.

Recipe: Nathan Anthony’s slow cooker lamb and potato curry


Nathan Anthony shares recipes on Instagram and TikTok as Bored of Lunch. His debut cookbook, The Healthy Slowcooker, will be published on January 5th. It is available to preorder from Eason and Amazon