Frugal Feasts: Conor Spacey’s homemade chickpea burgers

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Let’s talk beans/legumes and in this case chickpeas, a favourite legume of mine, probably best known for its role in hummus, but there is more to this great pea than that.

10 years of Irish Times Food Month

To build a safer, healthier food future, agricultural scientists, nutritionists, and key leaders are in agreement that beans are an optimal food choice for both people and the planet, and can assist in driving transformative change. Eating beans is also an affordable, accessible solution to the world’s growing health and climate challenges.

In this delicious recipe you will also have leftover aquafaba (chickpea water) which you should save and use as an egg replacement in meringue or mayonnaise. When buying lettuce, buy a full head, and you can regrow it. Simply leave the centre of the lettuce on the root then slice 1mm from the bottom of the root and place in a glass of water and put it in your kitchen window. Ensure that only the bottom of the root is touching the water and watch it regrow into another head of lettuce! Making changes like this at home we are contributing to a more sustainable, resilient planet that provides good food for all.

Recipe: Conor Spacey’s home-made chickpea burgers


Conor Spacey is the culinary director of FoodSpace. He is on Instagram