ConText: Sex and ecology - what a combination.

ConText: Sex and ecology - what a combination.

A new breed of city dweller has emerged, and they get off on recycling, energy saving and anything prefixed by the word "green". Just as metrosexuals are in touch with their feminine side, ecosexuals are in touch with their inner eco-warrior. And they're looking for like-minded partners.

Sounds like a cheap date.

If you want to go out with an ecosexual, you better have your green credentials sorted out. Driving a big SUV is a no-no, as is eating processed, meaty foods or tossing all your trash into one bin. When ecosexuals are choosing a partner, they're not seeking good looks, charm and inexhaustible sexual appetite - they're checking out your compost heap, your bicycle and your Birkenstocks.


Stop it - you're driving me wild.

With the current global obsession with global warming and carbon emissions, the ecology has become very chic, and this has extended into the world of dating. A GSOH is not enough anymore - you've also got to have a GATE (good attitude to the environment) and a KIIR (keen interest in recycling). Being a member of Greenpeace, having a solar- powered home and a larder filled with organic food should clinch the deal.

So, where do these ecosexuals meet? Greenham common?

A number of dating websites have popped up which cater to "sexy conservationists" and "romantic recyclers". Earth Wise Singles and Green Passions both help people who want to get environmentally friendly with each other.

So, the perfect place to break the ice about global warming.

Beware the eco-imposter, though, who pretends to be eco-aware but who just wants to get their eco-kicks. Some ecosexuals have recounted horror stories of dating people only to discover they - gasp - eat meat or use sweetener. One man dumped his girlfriend because she ate half a chocolate cake. On the other hand, ecosexuals can often disguise their true nature, and it's only after you're married that you realise you're condemned to a lifetime of tofu dinners.

So, what's the ecosexual's ideal night out?

Arrive on a tandem bicycle wearing your best hemp clothing (make sure to wipe the muck off your Birkenstocks) and carrying flowers you grew yourself (without insecticides). A visit to the farmers' market, then a Greenpeace meeting, followed by dinner at the latest trendy vegan restaurant and a movie (Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, not Alien v Predator). Then home for a nightcap of healthy juice (remember to have allergy- free sheets on the bed in case you get lucky).

Try at home:

Darling, what's this barbecue sauce doing in the fridge? Have you something to tell me?

Try at work:

The babe from accounts? Don't be fooled by the power dressing, she's a closet ecosexual.

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney

Kevin Courtney is an Irish Times journalist