Yuno Energy announces another electricity price cut

Company is newest supplier of electricity to residential market

Yuno Energy has announced another cut to electricity rates for new customers. The newest supplier to the residential market here last made a price cut on March 25th.

The company said its new unit rate for electricity is 23.69 cent (including VAT) per kWh, down 6.14 per cent from 25.24 cent per kWh.

The rate is available to customers who sign up with Yuno from today

“The rate is fixed for 12 months so it will not change whatever happens to prices in wholesale energy markets during that period,” the company said.


Yuno has now cut fixed rates for new customers five times this year in response to falling wholesale prices.

Yuno said the total annual cost for a typical customer will be €1,260 per year, down from €1,325 per year and over €567 cheaper than the average standard rates from other suppliers.

”We are ensuring that customers benefit from the competitive prices we can get for electricity on the wholesale markets. While those markets are still volatile, our fixed rate offering will insulate customers from any price changes over a 12 month period giving them peace of mind,” chief executive Cathal Fay.

“If you haven’t changed in a year or more you will save a minimum of €496 by signing up with Yuno Energy,” he said.

Eoin Burke-Kennedy

Eoin Burke-Kennedy

Eoin Burke-Kennedy is Economics Correspondent of The Irish Times