Ugreen Nexode 140W: super charging power - but you’ll be charged for it

With three USB ports, the Nexode can fast-charge multiple devices on the go, if you’re happy to pay the price

Ugreen Nexode 140W charger
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Price: €150
Where To Buy: Ugreen

We are all in a hurry these days. And when you are in a hurry, you don’t really have time to waste waiting for your devices to charge. That’s why fast charging in phones and smartwatches has become a real selling point; getting 50 per cent charge in a short period of time means you don’t have to remember to charge your phone or tablet regularly, just to keep working.

The original chargers that support fast charging are always best. But sometimes you need something more compact or a multitasker for travelling or office use.

The Ugreen Nexode charger will help with this particular task. It’s a 140W charger supporting the PD3.1 fast charging standard that comes with three USB ports: one USB C with 100W max output, a second USB C with a 140W output, and one USB A with a max output of 22.5W. That covers off all your options for your devices. Each will deliver power at a different rate, so choose carefully to make sure it fits your needs.

A 1.5m USB C cable is included in the box, giving you a bit of extra range.


It’s a GaN charger, which stands for gallium nitride, a material that can conduct higher voltages and conduct less heat than more traditional materials. That means the components can be closer together, while still working correctly and maintaining safety standards, so the charger itself can be smaller.

The charger is a good way to cut down on the need to carry multiple power adapters. One charger, all the cables. The higher-powered USB C port, for example, charged my fairly power-hungry laptop from dead, which eliminates the need for me to carry a separate, slightly bulky charger. Although it’s not guaranteed to support every phone’s fast charging, when connected to a number of different smartphones, the Ugreen charger powered up at the faster rate. Tablets and smartwatches were a snap too.

The device says it can fast-charge two laptops and a phone at the same time. However, the maximum output of the charger is 140W, so if you charge two at once, it will split it at 65W each; add a third, and it will bump it down to 65W, 45W and 22.5W. That is still an impressive rate, mind you, especially if you do need to charge two laptops at once.

It seems like a win all round- unless you are looking at price. Silicon is popular because it is cheaper, so if you want a GaN charger, you will have to pay a bit extra. This is no exception. The US version of this charger retails for $150; the version reviewed here is the Irish/UK plug, but no European pricing has been forthcoming yet.

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist