Dog-E: Canine companion without the hassle of poop scooping and walks

Tech Tools: This robot dog has its own personality, and lots of colours, lights and sensors, but you will have to virtually feed it


One of the more exciting things we saw at CES was the Dog-E, an app-connected robot dog that, much like the traditional canine, has its own unique personality traits. Once you turn it on, the Dog-E begins to show its true colours, so to speak, turning from an all-white pup to a multicoloured mutt. There are plenty of sensors too, from audio sensors that pick up sounds to touch sensors on its head, nose and body.

That’s all to help you interact with it. You have to feed it, train it and generally look after it, but on the brighter side of things, you don’t have to clean up after it or take it for regular walks. Plus it won’t moult all over the sofa or lie on your coat and make it smell of wet dog.

Unfortunately, though, you’ll need to get this one sent to a US shipping service, as they currently aren’t taking international orders.


Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist