Deli 613 review: Dublin has a brand new Jewish deli serving NY-style salt beef sandwiches

The only kosher restaurant in the country, selling Jewish deli favourites, has brought new life to a former 19th century schoolhouse

Deli 613
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Address: 89 Rathmines Road Upper, Dublin 6
Telephone: 01 551 8958
Cuisine: Jewish
Cost: €€

What’s on offer?

Deli 613 opened quietly in mid-March, serving Jewish deli favourites of Ashkenazi (eastern European) and Sefardi/Mizrachi (Jewish people from Spain, North Africa and the Middle East) origin. It is the only kosher restaurant in the country and has brought new life to the former 19th century schoolhouse, which more recently was Zen restaurant. Deli specials include salt beef sandwiches, stuffed pitas, chicken soup with kneidlach (matzo balls), potato latkes and chopped liver. There is also a range of Middle-Eastern dips such as harissa, hummus, amba and tahini. There are plans to introduce ready-to-go meals from a fridge. The number 613 references the number of Biblical commandments (mitzvot) for Jewish people, some of which relate to the eating of kosher food.

What did we order?

The menu is displayed on a large board and you order at the deli counter. We ordered a salt beef sandwich on rye bread (there are sourdough, rye and bagel choices), sabich pitta (vegetarian) and potato latke.

How was the service?

Very pleasant. There is some customisation of sandwiches available and the chef serving is happy to give advice.

Was the food nice?

Everything is very tasty. While the salt beef on rye bread doesn’t reach NY deli skyscraper heights, big slabs of warm salt beef with mustard and pickles make for a very good sandwich. The pitta is substantial, stuffed with chunks of boiled egg, cucumber and pickles, progressing to a layer of fried aubergine, amba aioli and a slick of hummus at the back. The latke, which comes with apple sauce, was warm and delicious.


What about the packaging?

The cardboard packaging is recyclable, although not when soiled with food.

What did it cost?

€25.50 for lunch for two people – salt beef sandwich, €12; sabich pitta, €9; and potato latke, €4.50.

Where does it deliver?

There is no delivery – you order at the counter and wait for your food to be made to order. The deli counter is open 11.30am to 5.30pm, Mon-Thurs, 11.30am to 4pm on Friday, and 10am-2pm on Sunday.

Would I order it again?

Yes, all the food is fresh and very tasty. A great addition to the neighbourhood.

Corinna Hardgrave

Corinna Hardgrave

Corinna Hardgrave, a contributor to The Irish Times, writes a weekly restaurant column